Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles & Techniques

Organic Chemistry PDF for NEET

Organic Chemistry is a branch of Chemistry that deals with the study of Organic Compounds, their structure, properties & reactions.

This eBook emphasizes on Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry that comprises of Shapes of Organic Molecules, their structural representation in conjunction with Free exercise.

Nomenclature of Organic Compounds comprises Alkanes, Cyclic Compounds, Organic Compounds containing Functional Groups & Aromatic Compounds with the help of examples & structured charts making it easy to learn & recall.


Compounds having the same molecular formula but different properties are known as Isomers & the phenomenon is known as Isomerism in Organic Chemistry.

Types of Isomers & their family tree are divided into two branches:

  • Structural isomerism
  • Stereoisomerism

That further expands encompassing Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry i.e.

Purification of Organic Compounds: Among various available Techniques & methods for purification of substances, opting for the right method depends upon the nature & state of the substance (Liquid or Solid) & the impurities present in that.

Some important methods are:

(1) Filtration,

(2) Crystallization,

(3) Fractional crystallization,

(4) Sublimation

(5) Distillation

(6) Fractional Distillation

(7) Distillation under reduced pressure

(8) Steam Distillation

(9) Differential extraction

(10) Chromatography


Organic Chemistry Principles states that the elements present in Organic Compounds are C & H but in addition, there may be some other elements like O, N, S, Halogens & P.

Organic Techniques & methods to test the presence of these elements have been described along with the chemical reaction formulas.


While studying the Principles of Organic Chemistry its necessity to cognize types of Organic Reactions in any chemical formula.

Learn more with the help of a concept chart & 125 MCQs practice test at the end of this Free Organic Chemistry PDF for NEET exam with the solutions attached.

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