Students of class 11th and 12thare striving their best to achieve their ambitions. Those who want to make it their dream colleges want to do their best. But are you sure that you are doing everything correctly? There must be certain areas where you are struggling and do you know how to get through that struggle? When it comes to Physics, students are prone to accept defeat even before attempting the questions. What should they do to tackle their fear? There is so much to study so it is important to get hold of a book that makes it easier for you to sail through. We understand your dilemma and that is why we have brought you ‘Concept Map on Work, Energy and Power” to enable you to study the topic in a much understandable manner. ‘Concept Map on Work, Energy and Power’ will not only help you retain but also sequence the knowledge of the topic. You can easily skim through this ‘Concept Map on Work Energy and Power’ for quick understanding of the concept. This Concept Map on Work Energy and Power has been taken from our book “NCERT EXTRACT, OBJECTIVE PHYSICS FOR NEET/JEE”. This book will surely change the way you have been studying physics all these years. It has concept maps with every chapter; to help you revise easily.

The book has covered the recent trends in NEET, AIIMS, JEE Main and BITSAT. It has topic wise MCQ’s with solutions to help you check your progress in understanding of the topic. Not only that the book contains MCQ”s from NCERT Exemplar and past year NEET, JEE Mains AIIMS and BITSAT Papers with their solutions. To help you further there are 5 mock tests with their solutions, they have been prepared after analyzing the past year trends. These mock tests will help you in assessing yourself better and understand your strengths and weaknesses. It is a must have for all those aspiring to sail through physics in any competition.

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