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UPSC examination in its journey to determine the most qualified candidates to bear the responsibility of the administration has evaluation on the different UPDATED and CURRENT issues prevailing in India. Press Information Bureau is a nodal organization of the Government of India, whose sole duty is to spread information to the print, electronic and other media, of the administration with respect to its policies, strategies, its program, its drives and its accomplishments.

In the preparation for UPSC, Press Information Bureau Saar (Hindi) is the platform to get the data of the legislatures, as it goes about as the interface between the administration and the media. Other than dissemination of data, PIB conducts conferences, meetings on policies, briefings and alongside other authority makes known the strategies and activities of the administration.

Disha Publication presents this information most succinctly. The significance of PIB is found in its authenticity of data, and is useful to get fresh updates on the present undertakings of the legislature.

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