Recent and Important Supreme Court Judgements 2019

Supreme Court Judgements have become increasingly important matter in the preparation for UPSC examination. It comes under the General Studies Polity.

With ample happenings every year, it comes with a decisive change into the everyday life. The impact of these decisions creates a rippling effect on everyone, and thus has been a significant topic for consideration. The ability to bring insights in your answers and critical approach in the examination will be of weight-age and fetch more marks in the UPSC exams.

Disha Publication considering this as the subject of immense consideration brings before the IAS aspirants, the most important SC Judgements which one should be aware of.

The Judgements results in the formulation of law in the passage of time. And the law following it becomes an important landmark in the judicial history of Indian law.

These Supreme Court Judgements have changed the course of Indian constitutional studies, and for IAS aspirants, this is an unavoidable part for preparation.

Get the latest Supreme Court Judgements 2019.

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