Recent and Updated 2019 Important Environment Events

An overview of the UPSC examination clearly indicates, over 15 questions are asked on Environmental studies every year in both IAS prelims & IAS Mains. If you are vehement on being at the top list in IAS exams 2019, this percentage of environmental questions cannot be ignored, for a reason that every single mark plays a significant role in the evaluation. The syllabus clearly notes the topics included of the general issues on environmental ecology, biodiversity, and climate change, with its prime focus.

This section highlights the Important Environment Events which are of heightened significance in the addition of Environmental references. Disha Publication endeavours to give candidates the grappling events, which are of tremendous coverage in the recent past. The relevance of this is evident from its possibility of being the object of scoring in the exams.

Being equipped with the store of information on the Important Environment Events will give an extension to the mind to pick instances applicable in your answers.

Getting a good grip of these important Environmental Events will give enough wings to fly faster and ahead of everyone in the competitive examinations.

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