Download Revision Notes/ Mind Map Based on Vector Algebra

Revision notes jee mainEveryone is aware of the competition that the students of Class XI and XII have to face. There is a huge syllabus and to understand and memorize everything, hard work alone sometimes is not enough. It becomes necessary in such circumstances to develop new methods in order to make the process a smooth sailing. This is where Mind Maps assume an important role.

Study the ‘Vector Algebra Mind Map’ from Disha publication’s  NCERT extract for objective mathematics for JEE main to understand the innumerable benefits this innovative tool is capable of providing you with. Mind Maps display a hierarchical relationship between the sub divisions of a central topic and make your understanding of that topic much clearer. It enables you to organise ideas and concepts and is a handy tool for revision which saves you time and make your retention power stronger.

‘Algebra Concept Map’ is a student-friendly map which will make this chapter a fun read for you and all those who find Algebra a hard nut to crack will start finding it more enjoyable. Mind Maps is a unique example of ‘Less Content, More Retention’. And, when you have so much to learn and memorize, Mind Maps need to be incorporated in your daily routine.

Revision Note/ Mind Map for JEE Main

Be smart enough and read the Mind Map for Algebra to reap the benefits. For more such Concept Maps and Topic-wise MCQs, keep your second thoughts aside and buy our book, ‘Objective Mathematics’ to ensure success in JEE exams. All you winners need is a little guidance, and we are more than happy to help you with that. Happy Studying!

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