RRB ALP Basic Science and Engineering – Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques RRB ALP Basic Science & Engineering

Before we move ahead with the RRB ALP Basic Science and Engineering tips and technique, let us have a brief idea about ALP and the latest syllabus and exam pattern of RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Exam 2018.

In our previous post, we have given detailed syllabus and exam pattern of RRB ALP & Technicians Exam 2018 which will help you to analyse the ALP exam pattern and prepare accordingly.

Questions from the Basic Science and Engineering section will be asked in Part-A of the second stage Computer Based Test (CBT) of the Railways Recruitment Board ALP exam. This section is of utmost importance and carries significant weightage. The questions asked in this section are mainly fact based which means they are comparatively easy to solve and less time consuming.

Topics to be covered for RRB ALP Basic Science & Engineering section

Sr. No. Sub-topics Weightage
1 Engineering Drawing (Projections, Views, Drawing Instruments, Lines, Geometric figures, Symbolic Representation etc.) 4-5
2 Units and Measurements 2-3
3 Mass, Weight and Density 3-4
4 Speed and Velocity 2-3
5 Work, Power and Energy 3-4
6 Heat and Temperature 2-3
7 Basic Electricity 4-5
8 Levers and Simple Machines 3-4
9 Occupational Safety and Health 3-4
10 Environmental Education 2-3
11 IT Literacy 4-5

Tips for RRB ALP Basic Science and Engineering

  • An aspirant must know the whole syllabus of the exam he is targeting in detail before he starts preparing for it. As far as RRB ALP Basic Science and Engineering is concerned, you must get well versed with its syllabus and exam trend so that you can make strategies and analyse your weaknesses and strengths accordingly.

  • Analysing the previous paper of RRB ALP Basic Science and Engineering will be very helpful to understand the pattern of the exam and the trend of questions asked over the years. Thereafter, you can make your study time table and focus on the important sections.

  • Time management plays a crucial role in making a difference between exam qualifiers and ordinary students. You should manage your time in a way wherein you are able to prepare your weak section well and revise & practice your strong portion thoroughly.

  • Take proper rest and sleep is very important as these factors are also very important to keep you calm, concentrated and focussed towards your exam.

  • There is no substitute to hard work. Studying hard but smartly is the need in today’s highly stiff competitive era. ‘Smart Study’ refers to a properly scheduled study plan wherein you can use your strengths and calibre to crack the RRB ALP Exam 2018.

  • Aspirants usually get overburdened by the exam pressure which creates negativity in the mind. Always try to be calm & composed and have faith and confidence in your capabilities. A determined approach towards the RRB ALP and Technicians Exam with inner-confidence will help you pass the exam. Always keep motivating yourself because self-encouragement always helps in chasing your goal and achieve it.

  • In order to get acquainted with the exact exam experience, you should Practice RRB ALP Basic Science and Engineering mock test papers online.

  • Revising whatever you have studies and practised on regular basis is of utmost importance especially, the short-cuts, tricks and techniques.

  • Make your own short notes so that you can have a glance over them before you go to take your exam.

  • Take the help of RRB ALP Basic Science and Engineering Study Materials.

We firmly believe that after following the above mentioned points, you will definitely qualify the upcoming RRB ALP and Technicians Exam 2018. Good luck!

As we all know, practice is the key to success for any competitive exams. Therefore, download below free ALP study materials to boost your ALP exam preparation by starting your practice now.

Basic Science & Engineering Practice Paper
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RRB ALP Practice Set 1
RRB ALP Practice Set 2
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