Getting through JEE mains is aspiration of all those wish to become engineers. JEE Mains ranking is a gateway for admission in IIT’s. Their minds are full of questions like, how to prepare for JEE Mains? What are the best books for JEE Mains preparation etc. To clear the JEE Mains exam students should first collect information on the syllabus of the exam and the trends of past year question papers. JEE Mains syllabus mainly comprises of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.  Out of the three Chemistry is most scoring. It guarantees you assured marks as most often the questions in Chemistry are direct and not twisted. Some of the tips to success in Chemistry lie in understanding the basic concepts clearly. Strong conceptual foundation is must for solving all kinds of problems in Chemistry. Merely memorizing theories and concepts does not help. All the three parts (Physical, Organic and Inorganic) are interconnected and none of them can be ignored. To help you get a good JEE Chemistry score we have brought “SOME BASIC CONCEPTS OF CHEMISTRY” which has been taken from our book “NTA JEE MAIN CRASH COURSE IN CHEMISTRY”.  The chapter “Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry” has offline as well as online analysis of JEE Main exam from 2014-2018. The chapter has a concept map to help you synthesize information and knowledge of the concept.

The concept has been explained with the help of an exercise that has solutions. The book “NTA JEE MAIN CRASH COURSE IN CHEMISTRY” from which this chapter has been taken gives you 33 online tests with solutions.

Appearing for these online tests will help in many ways. It will accustom you to sit for a certain period of time, answer the test questions and pace yourself, so when you actually sit for the exam you will feel comfortable and confident.

So instead of wasting your invaluable time reading inappropriate books buy our book on Chemistry for JEE Main 2019 and feel confident.

Wish you luck!

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