Structural Organisation in Animals (NEET)

Structural Organisation in Animals

This eBook Structural Organization in Animals italicize the importance and function of tissues in the body of Animals, Tissues are specialized in their functions and, in Biology, the study of this Structural Organization is termed as histology.

Body is having different kind of cells and when specific cells are grouped together they form “Tissue

This topic, taken from our book “NEET Biology 40 Days Score Amplifier is important for aspirants preparing for NEET or any other medical examination.

Types of Tissue:

There are four types of tissues based on their function:

  • Epithelial Tissues

  • Muscular Tissues

  • Connective tissues

  • Nervous tissues

To know more about Structural Organisation in Animals & Functions of tissues, their Location In body & what organs they control, refer to the PDF below which also is having a practice set in form of MCQs for NEET aspirants to analyze their learning’s along with the solutions at the end.

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