Best Study Material for IBPS PO 2018 – Based on New Exam Pattern

Best IBPS PO Study material

With a surprising change in the exam pattern of IBPS PO everyone is now worried with what they should practice and what they should leave? And that is not the only question in the minds of the applicants the real question is Which IBPS PO Study material should they refer to for practicing.Well, if those are the questions in your mind, then you should be really worried because it is pretty difficult to find IBPS PO new pattern solved questions for practicing.

Importance of Study Material

Practicing more and more study material will not only improve your skills but also increase your speed. See everyone can be efficient, everyone can solve questions at the end of the day but the real magic lies with those who can answer those questions correct and quickly i.e. effectively.

Now, it’s up to you if you want to be efficient or effective.

We have some IBPS PO articles that will surely help you to be effective

Study Material – New Exam Pattern

We here at Disha have always tried our best to provide you the best solved questions for practicing and this time also we have tried our best and collected some of the amazing questions based on IBPS PO new exam pattern and that’s not all, we have decided to give you previous year solved questions for IBPS PO. The reason behind providing you previous year solved papers is to explain the whole difficulty level of the examination and once you are faced with the previous year solved questions then only you can see the whole variety of Question types.

And wait there’s more, we at Disha separated some of the Main questions from chapter and created a PDF that includes all the important questions for the particular chapter, in other words we have decided to provide some of the chapter wise study material for IBPS PO so that you can practice particular chapters carefully.

All this study material for IBPS PO will be of some use to you, only if you knew the changed new exam pattern. In this article we want you to focus on study material for your IBPS exam but don’t worry you can get the new and latest exam pattern on our other IBPS PO page.

You can download all the study material for IBPS PO 2018 based on new exam pattern from below. It includes all the important solved questions based on new exam pattern, previous year solved papers, chapter wise important solved questions and much more.

S. No Study material for IBPS PO 2018 Download
1 Latest English Questions based on New Exam Pattern
2 IBPS PO Prelim Exam 2017
3 IBPS PO Mains Exam 2017
4 Mains Exam Practice Set 1
5 Mains Exam Practice Set 2
6 Prelim Exam Practice Set 1
7 Prelim Exam Practice Set 2
8 Cloze Test
9 Data Analysis
10 Passage Completion

Online Mock Test based on New exam pattern study material

WE have gone a step ahead this time and prepared the whole “IBPS PO Prelim Online Mock test” based on new exam pattern for you to practice free of cost, it just feels like a cherry on top of a cake. So quickly attempt your free online IBPS PO Prelim Mock Test.

Hope you find it helpful, well if you do indeed then don’t forget to comment and share this post.

See you next time, until then stay tuned for the next post.

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