SWOT Analysis of Disaster Management in India

Disaster management SWOT analysisInnovation is a great thing. It leads to progress and is very crucial to strive and compete among others in any field, be it Business or be it Education. Today, in this competitive world where everyone is aspiring for the best, the competition to outgrow each other is unprecedented and that is why you constantly need new ideas to survive and to excel in your field.

SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. Today, the process of studying has changed. Study skills today include such things as time management, note-taking in lectures, concentration, memorizing and public speaking skills. All this calls for incorporating SWOT Analysis method in your studying process. When studying a topic, it is never linear; there are various dimensions to the topic and at times it happens that students miss one or two angle. But with SWOT, this mistake will never happen.

It will look at the positive and negative sides with equal weightage and at the same place. Easy to understand and a handy tool to remember all the important points, it is a marvellous tool for the students to inculcate in their study habits, both for school examinations and for competitive examinations like IAS, PCS, Banking, etc. Read the SWOT Analysis prepared by experts at Disha Publication on ‘Disaster Management’ and you will realize what benefits it holds for you.

Revision will become so much easier and studying will become all the more fun when you share your journey with Disha Publication and its wonderfully new ideas like Swot Analysis. Happy Studying!

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