JEE Main is one of the most coveted engineering exams.  Students get overwhelmed about the vast JEE Main syllabus.  With JEE Main just round the corner, students need to gear up with their preparations. Now is the time to strategize your preparation. There are three subjects in JEE Main; Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Out of them Physics is believed to be one of the scoring subjects. With a vast syllabus of JEE Main it is important for students to do more focused study. What is to be kept in mind is that basic concepts and syllabus must be completely covered as JEE Main tests your basic concepts. JEE Main and Class 12th board preparation can be clubbed. To prepare for Physics it is important that students make a list of derivations, formulas, and experiments in the syllabus.  It is very important to practice a lot of question papers. Solving question papers gives you a knack of the tough questions and adapts you to solve a large variety of questions. We have heard you, and have come up with “Thermal Properties of Matter” which has been taken from our book “Objective Physics for Mains”. This exercise has questions based on the trends from 2010 -2018 from different competitive exams.The exercise on Thermal Properties of Matter has categorized questions into ‘confusing’ and ‘Tough nut” to take you to a higher level of preparation. The solutions are provided along with the questions to help you time your preparation and track your performance.The book entitled ” Objective Physics for Mains” from which this exercise ‘Thermal Properties of Matter’ has been taken has compiled JEE Mains question papers from 2010-2018. With 100% accurate solutions. Apart from this it also has illustrations with theory to facilitate your understanding of various concepts. The book also has 3 levels of exercises. The book is also useful for NEET, CBSE class 11th and 12th and other state level exams. So grab your copy fast for assured success.

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