With ‘triple Talaq’ ruling, is it a step towards Muslim women empowerment or imposing govt’s will on triple talaq and an intrusion on minority rights. Give your opinion.

Triple TalaqThe practice of Triple Talaq was earlier declared as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court Judgement along with directing the Union of India to consider appropriate legislation, particularly with reference to “talaq-e-biddat” and hoped that the contemplated legislation will also take into consideration advances in Muslim “personal law”.
The recent triple talaq bill that is being hailed as a historical reform for benefit of Muslim women was passed by the Lok Sabha on Thursday, 28th December. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board that looks after the protection and continued applicability of Muslim Personal Law in India and also provides for the application of the Islamic Law Code of Shariat to Muslims in India in personal affairs; from the beginning didn’t want government’s intervention regarding Triple Talaq practice. Due to this personal view of Muslims, the earlier governments were unable to proceed with any action towards passing legislation.
The practice violates the fundamentals of our Constitution which speaks of Right to equality under Article 14 and above all Right to Life under Article 21; which not just includes the right to live but the right to live with dignity and basic amenities of life. The right to life is not just natural birth right of every individual but also a legal and constitutional right.
It was thus the will power of the present government to impose this and work towards not just minority rights but also towards empowering women; even if it had to go against the views of the Muslim personal law board. This step therefore is applaudable which has brought courage and confidence amongst Muslim women to speak up against this unethical practice and fight for their basic rights.

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