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JEE 2020 Paper analysis – 7th to 10th Jan

JEE 2020 Paper analysis – 7th to 10th Jan Dear aspirants, Welcome to the Disha platform We are going to share with you the paper analysis,  which may prove right path showing way in a nut shell. This type of analysis may prove game changer and quick directing towards the selected portion of syllabus and to prepare […]

Solutions of 5 Mock Tests for NTA JEE Main 2019 with 2 Past Online (2018) Papers

Download below PDFs of JEE Main Mock Test NEET Online Paper 2019 -Test Solution [ddownload id=”30245″] JEE Main Online Paper 2018- Morning [ddownload id=”30248″] JEE Main Online Paper 2018 – Evening [ddownload id=”30269″] NTA JEE Main Mock Test Solution 1 [ddownload id=”30271″] NTA JEE Main Mock Test Solution 2 [ddownload id=”30272″] NTA JEE Main Mock […]

Try Free Samples before you buy a Book: Class 12/ NEET/ JEE

Electric Charges & Fields [ddownload id=”29635″] Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance [ddownload id=”29636″] Electrochemistry  [ddownload id=”29638″] Solutions  [ddownload id=”29637″] Matrices [ddownload id=”29648″] Relations and Functions [ddownload id=”29650″] Reproduction in Organisms  [ddownload id=”29653″] Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants [ddownload id=”29652″] Relations and Functions [ddownload id=”29663″] Inverse Trigonometric Functions [ddownload id=”29662″] Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance [ddownload id=”29667″] Electric […]

Disha’s JEE Advanced Physics Video Solutions by DC Gupta

Concept series videos for JEE Advanced preparation 2020 Er. D.C. Gupta, a renowned and accomplished author of Disha’s popular Concept Series of 6 Books for JEE Advanced & Mains, brings out a wide list of wonderful Video Solutions for Physics JEE Advanced. The videos aim at highlighting the best Problem-Solving practices that student should adapt […]

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