How is NCERT Useful to Cover UPSC CSE Syllabus and How To Approach NCERT

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Free download 2023 - Importance of NCERT Books

How is NCERT Useful to Cover UPSC CSE Syllabus and How To Approach NCERT

NCERT Books are prepared and published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) which is an autonomous body that aims to provide qualitative education to school students in India. The CBSE board as well as other state boards in India include the NCERT textbooks in their course curriculum.

NCERT books are taught in schools because they contain all the foundational concepts and facts that are essential to pursue higher education and professions. NCERT books teach you important concepts in simple language, often with examples and illustrations that relate abstract knowledge with concrete life. NCERT books contain accurate knowledge as they are written and published after thorough research.

Importance of NCERT books from Prelims and Mains Perspective

  1. A lot of topics related to General Knowledge, Current Affairs, History, Polity, Geography, Languages etc. need an understanding of the basics of NCERT to grasp them properly.
  2. At least 40 questions are directly framed based on chapters present in NCERT textbooks in the Prelim Exams.
  3. NCERT books serve both as foundation as well as supplementary study material for Civil Services preparation.
  4. Candidates may get lost in the vast ocean of books and coaching materials. NCERT books provide to-the-point and systematic knowledge.
  5. Acquaintance with NCERT concepts forms a strong foundation which helps you to choose the right optional paper.
  6. NCERT books offer a neutral perspective which help in forming a strong base for deeper knowledge in any subject area.
  7. NCERT books are an authentic & validated source of information because the information published in these books is provided by government agencies and institutions, and compiled by the best brains of the country.
  8. The questions in NCERT books are reliable and are often asked in Competitive Exams.
  9. It is recommended that Mains answers writing language should be similar to the writing style of NCERT books, that is, clear, relevant, precise and illustrative.

Why Study from Disha’s NCERT Digest set of books instead of NCERT books?

Disha Experts have designed the NCERT Digest series – a seamless assimilation of old plus new NCERT textbooks structured and presented in the most exam-oriented manner for UPSC CSE Exam aspirants.

The biggest advantage of studying any subject from Disha’s NCERT Digest book is that you do not have to buy and study from every single NCERT of each class to cover all topics and concepts. Instead of studying from 7 separate NCERT Books (class VI to XII), you can simply take one NCERT Digest of the concerned subject and cover 100% NCERT concepts and syllabus while saving your precious time, efforts and resources.


Disha’s ‘NCERT Digest’ Series (Class VI – XII) is specifically designed to master NCERT concepts for UPSC & State PSC Civil Services Exams. It is available in 5 Subjects: History, Political Science, Economics, General Science, and Geography. These unique textbooks provide you the following advantages:


The most unique feature of NCERT Digest is that it seamlessly combines all concepts from both old and new NCERT textbooks (clearly mentioning the class & old/new book) which means that it offers 100% coverage of all concepts, chapters and topics based on NCERT.


The complete syllabus from 6th to 12th NCERT books is converted to an integrated standard chapter-wise plan where a topic/ concept that is covered in all these classes is dealt with in a single chapter.


All concepts are presented in one-liner format for easy and long retention.


The book is well-structured with headings and sub-headings to enable easy understanding and clarity of concepts.


It is 100% exam-oriented with the provision of quick pointers, to prepare for the exam, in every chapter.


This great resource is powered with a highly useful Video Course. There are 30+ hours of concept videos to learn and revise on the go in an interesting way.

  1. LUCID

The content is presented in simple, lucid language with variety of examples for easy understanding.

A firm grasp on NCERT concepts will greatly contribute to success in the exam. NCERT Digest is your correct approach to NCERT.


Disha’s ‘NCERT PLUS General Studies Objective & Subjective Question Bank for UPSC & State PSC Civil Services Prelim & Main Exams’ is a great resource to test and practice NCERT Concepts and Facts.

This combo is a set of 5 books in the series – NCERT PLUS Objective & Subjective Question Bank for UPSC CSE & State PSC Prelim & Main Exams. The 5 books are: History, Art & Culture; Indian Economy; Geography; Science, Technology & Ecology; Indian Polity; This is another unique series of books from Disha which aims at providing the best Question Bank to the Civil Services Aspirants. Each of the books is divided into 2-4 Units which are further divided into 8-24 Chapters.

  • The book is 3-in-1 as each chapter has been divided into 3 parts.
  • Part A caters to NCERT (Class 6 to 12) based Topic-wise MCQs.
  • Part B caters to Past MCQs of IAS Prelim & State PSC Exams.
  • Part C caters to selective Quality Practice Questions for UPSC & State PSC Main Exams.
  • Detailed solution to each question is provided.
  • The solutions to the Mains are strictly in adherence to the answer word limits required by UPSC.

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