What is G20 Delhi Declaration 2023?

What is G20 Delhi Declaration 2023?

The G20 leaders Meeting in New Delhi unanimously adopted the New Delhi Declaration. The declaration that was announced by PM Modi during the Day 1 of G20 Summit which focused on ‘war in Ukraine’ and geopolitical tensions, sustainable growth, creating an inclusive world among other points. This declaration, according to India’s G20 Sherpa, places a strong emphasis on several key priorities. These include fostering robust and sustainable economic growth, expediting advancements towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals, establishing a green development pact to promote environmental sustainability, and revitalizing the spirit of multilateralism. Notably, the G20 Declaration is being hailed as both historic and groundbreaking.

India made history by hosting the G20 Summit for the first time in New Delhi on September 9-10 and was marked by extensive preparations to showcase India’s rich traditions and strengths. Throughout its presidency, India placed a strong emphasis on several critical issues, including promoting inclusive growth, fostering digital innovation, enhancing climate resilience, and ensuring equitable global health access. Indonesia held the G20 presidency in the previous year, and Brazil is slated to assume the presidency after India.

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