Concept Notes for JEE Advanced Exam

The enormity of the syllabus for JEE Advanced competitive entrance makes the task of preparation very taxing. However, the load can be less burdened by gathering the Concepts Notes JEE Advanced. The entire syllabus is broken down into few fundamentals, offering better comprehension. Disha Publication to make the preparation for candidates easier provides Concept Notes […]

Online Tests For JEE Advanced

Online Test For JEE Advanced 2019 is an intensive practice question papers, which are the most indistinguishable patterned- test recommended in the recent NTA examination schedule. These online test- JEE Advanced is basically structured with the motivation in giving applicants a refined methodology for assessing the advancement of study preparation, with the perspective of clearing […]

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Disha Publication has the recognition of being at the acme of an immense commitment in giving quality test materials for IAS Exam. The candidates for UPSC examination can find enough examination notes, free sample eBook/PDF, etc, which are productive materials for strong understanding ability and reasonable. These examination aids, by Disha Publication are set up […]

UPSC – IAS Mains Question Papers

IAS Mains is the deciding and the most crucial part of CSE (Civil Services examination). The greater the ability to obtain excellent score, higher the post a candidate is conferred to. IAS Main Questions consist of comprehensive marks, with mains and interview 2250 marks. Of which 1750 is solely for mains. Hence, meticulous attention ought […]

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Disha Publication has the credit of being part of a huge contribution in giving quality test materials for GATE/PSU. The Candidates for GATE/PSU examination can explore enough study notes, free samples eBook/PDF and so on, which are profitable materials for solid comprehension and viable. These study tools by Disha Publication are set up on the […]

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Disha Publication plays a significant role in delivering quality exam materials for Defence. The aspirants for Defence examination can find ample study notes, Free samples eBook/PDF etc, which are valuable materials for concrete understanding and practical. These study materials by Disha Publication are prepared on the syllabus prescribed. We are assured of its effectiveness for […]

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