Best Study Material for CBSE Class 10 | Free Download

CBSE class 10

Best Study Material for CBSE Class 10 | Free Download

CBSE sample paper 2020 class 10 is vital for practice. Are you preparing for the Class 10 board exam this 2020?  We bring you a big collection of free download study materials for all the subjects. Practice it often, and build your confidence.  Regardless, of whether you are thorough with your prescribed books, the practice of sample papers is a must.  You learn the art of time management, which is key to success and scoring high marks. Besides, the papers are designed as per the latest pattern, which helps you get updated with the marking schemes and the various level of difficulty.  Now hold your breath and begin to download the free sample papers. You are already in the path of success.
Disha Publication has been innovative is imparting the best knowledge for Class 10 board exams. Here we let you explore an immense way to master the concepts and improve your exam-taking skills. You need not worry, but give yourself to the tips and suggestions by experts.  It will guide you in the direction of learning and fulfilling your goals.  Analyze your mistakes and prove yourself to be better every day in your preparation. It starts here!

Download Class 12th Sample Papers

Sample Paper - 1 | Class 10 Mathematics 2020 Exam Sample Paper
[ddownload id="32647"]
Sample Paper - 1 | Class 10 Science 2020 Exam Sample Paper
[ddownload id="32648"]
Sample Paper - 1 | Class 10 Social Science 2020 Exam Sample Paper
[ddownload id="32649"]
Sample Paper - 1 | Sample Papers for CBSE Class 10 English Language
[ddownload id="32650"]
Sample Paper - 1 | Class 10 Hindi Exam Sample Paper
[ddownload id="32651"]
Sample Paper - 2 | Super 10 Class 10 English
[ddownload id="32667"]
Sample Paper - 2 | Super 10 Class 10 Hindi
[ddownload id="32663"]
Sample Paper - 2 | Super 10 Class 10 Mathematics
[ddownload id="32664"]
Sample Paper - 2 | Super 10 Class 10 Science
[ddownload id="32665"]
Sample Paper - 2 | Super 10 Class 10 Social Science
[ddownload id="32666"]

Best Study Material for CBSE Class 10 | Free Download

There are amazing advantages you can master from sample papers. Make these benefits your strength:

  • Your first board-level exam? A great majority of students get over-anxious and forget what they have studied for a year long. Samples papers are your companion to boost the level of confidence and get rid of exam-fever.
  • Having just the idea about the exam can be confusing, with actual practice. Sample papers are a useful source to understand the marking scheme, the pattern, and the type of questions. Practice gets you familiarized with the problems of the exam.
  • The sample papers let you acquire time management skills. Without it, you will lose a great portion of marks, for not able to complete the questions on time.
  • It develops writing skills. The class 10 board exam consists of different question types. With Sample papers, you will develop the skills required for writing.

Disha Publication has combined all these elements on our practice papers, to make your exam-ready, both emotional and conceptually. Explore one after another, and discover the uniqueness in the sample papers.  

How do I prepare for Class 10 Mathematics?

For some Mathematics can be a daunting and hard subject. Disha Publication has identified from years of dealing with students and developed innovative ways to score high in Mathematics. Too often students get confused with concepts. Mathematics has its own structure, and it works with a composite of structures.

Here are a few important suggestions to get 100% Marks with CBSE sample paper class 10 Mathematics.

  • Clear the Basics: Start from the first formulae. If you have not understood the first, it will be difficult to solve the given problem. Make sure that the basics are cleared and you have understood to the fullest.
  • Write down the formulas of different chapters separately, and register them in your mind. It is often observed that, students apply the wrong formulae for a question, and which ultimately gives wrong answers. Have a clear picture in your mind about the formulae to be applied.
  • The above points can be strengthened if you practice the sample papers. The secret of scoring 100% in Mathematics is nothing but Practice. It’s a daily practice that enables you to solve any kind of question in speed, and accuracy.
  • Try out the previous year’s papers. There is a great similarity in the questions. If you are thorough with the past year’s questions you can be sure to have mastered much of the concepts.
  • Be thorough with the pattern, the marking scheme, and the syllabus. It should be on your fingertips. The toppers of Class 10 Exams are so sure of the text on each page. This means that they are thorough with the syllabus and the pattern of the examination. You too can. Begin now and be a topper.

How to get the best books for the Class 10 Board Exam?

With the changes in pattern and syllabus for recent CBSE Class 10 Exams, the right selection of reference books will be of immense help. Disha Publication has a store piled up of an amazing list of books, which are simple in concept clarity, depth in its understanding, and comprehensive in its syllabus. Pick your Best book for class 10 Mathematics /Science/English/Hindi/Social Science, and begin your preparation.

Here are a few helpful insights to get the best books:

  • Try out the Free Samples of the books
  • Check the syllabus, and to what extent it covers
  • Explore different types of Practice Papers
  • Find tips and strategies, info graphics, etc

There is no time to waste. You have everything here, and that too free. Try out, and get your preparation for the justice it deserves. Get Started Now!

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