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Electric Charges & Fields

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Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance

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Relations and Functions

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Reproduction in Organisms 

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Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

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Relations and Functions

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Inverse Trigonometric Functions

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Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

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Electric Charges and Fields 

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How will you identify/ differentiate between….?

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What is the definition of …….?

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Microbes in Human Welfare

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Reproduction in Organism

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Biological Classification

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The Living World

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Units and Measurements

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Physical World

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Mechanical Properties of Solids

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Motion in a Plane

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Biological Classification

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Plant Kingdom

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The Living World

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Cell Cycle and Cell Division

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Full Test 1

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Physical World

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Biological Classification (DPP)

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Cell-The Unit of life

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Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

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The Living World

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JEE Main 2019- 9 April (Morning)

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Trigonometric Functions & Equations

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Work, Power and Energy

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Structure of Atom

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Laws of Motion

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Motion In a Straight

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Linear Equations Questions 

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Redox Reaction

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Boron Family

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Laws of Thermodynamics

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Rotational Mechanics

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