Introducing TextGuides with Expert’s Advice for UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

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Introducing TextGuides with Expert’s Advice for UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

What is a Text-Guide?

TextGuide is a new concept introduced by Disha Publication which is premised on the strategic amalgamation of a Textbook and a Guide.

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Today, UPSC exam aspirants have very limited time on their hands and fierce competition ahead. Looking at the vast syllabus to cover, they are always searching for study material which is compact, comprehensive and to-the-point. At the same time, they do not want to miss the important notes, tips and advice that only a mentor or expert can provide. Therefore, Disha has added features of a Guide to its textbooks, where the matter is presented in a form which is exam-relevant and easy to remember.

Combining the theoretical knowledge features of a textbook with the practical, strategic aspects of a Guide, the TextGuide will solve all content and guidance-related problems of the aspirant at once. TextGuides take students into deeper layers of meaning in a range of texts. They are designed to develop detailed knowledge, in-depth understanding and genuine insight into each text. Disha’s TextGuides are powered by a special section called ‘Expert’s Advice’ where the author directly addresses, guides and instructs the student using his expert knowledge.

What is Expert’s Advice?

A great teacher knows the examiner’s mind and understands what is important, what was asked in earlier exams, what can be asked in future, what needs to be remembered, what should not be skipped, etc. strictly from the exam point-of-view. Disha’s TextGuides incorporate such nuanced understanding and experience of Expert teachers/ authors.

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Why study from Disha’s TextGuides?

Disha’s TextGuide is powered with 5 Ka Punch, which means that it has 5 most important features that make it the best exam prep book.

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What to expect in Disha’s TextGuides?

  1. Complete theory and concepts explained
  2. Previous year questions
  3. MCQs
  4. Exam pointers
  5. Answer writing tips and ideas
  6. Infographics, pictures, factograms, mind maps
  7. Data and examples
  8. Sample answers and essays
  9. Interdisciplinary facts and terminology
  10. Expert’s advice
  11. Author’s notes
  12. Expected questions

Explore Disha’s Complete Range of TextGuides here.

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