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Looking for free samples to help your child to understand the concepts of various subjects better? You are in the right place. Olympiad exams are competitive exams conducted at the school level for students. It is conducted by numerous independent organizations and follows the same school curriculum. Its aim is to provide the platform to students and be prepared by the competition in the future.
Disha Publication is here to build the dream you have for your child. Explore the page filled with free samples on our best books for all subjects. Let nothing pass by in making the life of your child brighter.

Why prepare your Child for Olympiad Exam?

There are untold benefits Olympiad Exam opens for your child. Here are a few noteworthy benefits:

  • Brings the best in a student
  • Provides a platform filled with opportunities (students can participate in state, national, and international levels of competition)
  • Strengthens the confidence in a student
  • Improves the performance of students in academic life
  • Opens the world full of knowledge
  • Improves the analytical/reasoning skills

Explore our free samples for Olympiad Exams and give your child the opportunity to learn.

Why prepare your Child for Olympiad Exam?

Nothing works best like planning. No wonder why it is said, failing to plan is planning to fail. Make a proper plan for your child. Or if you are a student, sort out the best plan that helps to master the subjects, and that does not interfere with your school curriculum. The product of planning is always a success. Here is a simple way to get prepared for any Olympiad exam. Make your preparation interesting.

  • Create a practical plan or schedule
  • Prepare your mind to keep moving
  • Clear the basic concepts
  • Visualize your dreams
  • Solve a lot of sample paper
  • Get familiarized with current topics on all subjects

Disha Publication has a great list of books to enhance your preparation for Olympiad exams. First, try our free resources, and choose the best of your interest.

Try our IMO Free Samples

International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is a means to identify and encourage students on mathematical creativity in schools across India and abroad. Students of Class 1 to 12 are eligible to appear to register in the first level IMO. About 70% of the syllabus consists of the previous class at the first level. Get a good collection of study materials and practice them well in advance.

We bring a fine combination of IMO Sample Paper Class 1-10. Our free download IMO 2020 latest Sample Papers are designed to deepen your understanding on all subjects.

Try our IMO Free Samples

When you are studying from the best books, you have a new wave of confidence within. The market is filled with numerous books and often there is a lot of confusion. But, you can easily Buy Olympiad Books IMO/NSO/IGKO/IEO/ICO from our store. Here is how to buy a book for Olympiad preparation:

  • Try free samples and check the contents
  • Check how many practice samples are in it
  • How will the book help you to improve all-round understanding?

Buy Olympiad Exam Preparation book Online now. The best preparation you can make for tomorrow is today. So get started and design your future.

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