Chapter-wise Concept Notes for IAS – Comprehension 2019

Disha publication via Chapter-wise Concept Notes – Comprehension 2019, provides the following fundamental points:

  • Chapter-wise Concept Notes is an exhaustive work which captures the top relevant topics, based on the last years IAS prelims exams.
  • It has chapter wise comprehension and English language comprehension.
  • The English language comprehension passage covers all literary styles.
  • Has an exhaustive exercise situation-based question to test the decision making and administrative course of action.
  • A wide range of situation-based questions to test the Interpersonal skills including Communication skills.
  • The chapter-wise concept contains a detailed theory explaining all the concepts with well defined examples along with list of Practice exercise.
  • It includes the solved past CSAT questions from 2011 onwards.
  • It consists of more than 1000+ MCQs detailed solutions for Comprehension.

The subject for Comprehension, Decision Making & Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills Compendium is highly essential for IAS Prelims General Studies Paper 2 & State PSC Exam. It will be of great help to intensify the preparation.

Find the best of our Chapter-wise Concept Notes – Comprehension 2019, designed to make the retention of concepts easier and worthwhile.

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