Analysing Top 10 Current Affair Topics for IAS Prelim & Main 2020

analysing top 10

ANALYSING TOP 10 Current Affair Topics for IAS Prelim & Main 2020 by Ashish Malik, a Top Educator on UNACADEMY, an Online Learning Platform.

UPSC CSE is undoubtedly one of the toughest Competitive Exam in India. The vast syllabus and the difficulty in choosing the relevance of topics makes it even more difficult. Current Affairs especially has become the most challenging part of the syllabus which is dynamic and covers the majority portion of the syllabus.

analysing top 10

Analyzing TOP 10 Current Affair Topics for IAS Prelim & Main 2020 is a unique material for the upcoming IAS Prelim & Main 2020 Exams written by an expert IAS Prelims & Mains Faculty, Ashish Malik, a top IAS educator on UNACADEMY. The material has been prepared to aim at analyzing the Most Important Events/ Issues in the past One Year.
The author has selected the Most Important Bills/ Indexes and Controversial Issues. The topics covered are Article 370/ 35A, Sabarimala Temple Issue, Electoral Bonds, Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), National Register of Citizens (NRC), Surrogacy Regulation Bill, Good Governance Index, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), Democracy index 2019 & Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill (The Muslim Women).
The material analyses each of the above Topic (in the form of a 2-page write-up) which is followed by 2-4 MCQs for Prelims with Explanation and 1-3 Questions for Mains with Hints on each of the Topics. A separate pdf file is provided for each Topic. The Topics are further empowered with Video Discussion of these Topics, the link for which is provided in the last column.
The below table provides the link for the pdf and the Video.

Topic Number

Topic Description

Download pdf

View Video

Topic 1

Article 370 & Article 35A

[ddownload id=”34973″]coming soon

Topic 2

Sabarimala Temple Issue

[ddownload id=”34972″]coming soon

Topic 3

Electoral Bonds

[ddownload id=”34975″]coming soon

Topic 4

Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB)

[ddownload id=”34976″]coming soon

Topic 5

National Register of Citizens (NRC)

[ddownload id=”34977″]coming soon

Topic 6

Surrogacy Regulation Bill

[ddownload id=”34978″]coming soon

Topic 7

Good Governance Index

[ddownload id=”34971″]coming soon

Topic 8

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

[ddownload id=”34970″]coming soon

Topic 9

Democracy index 2019

[ddownload id=”34979″]coming soon

Topic 10

Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill (The Muslim Women)

[ddownload id=”34974″]coming soon

This book will prove to be of major significance for the IAS Prelim & Main 2020. The material has been extracted from Ashish’s latest book “Disha 365 Current Affairs Analysis Vol. 1 for UPSC IAS/ IPS Prelim & Main Exams 2020”. Disha 365 Current Affairs, which is a series of 2 Books published by Disha Publication, provides you a one-stop solution and makes you exam-ready for UPSC CSE/ State PSC and other Competitive Exams. The 2 books have been designed on the basis of the syllabus of UPSC Mains General Studies Paper 2 & 3. Vol. 1 covers Paper 2 and Vol. 2 covers Paper 3.

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analysing top 10


About the author: Ashish Malik, a graduate in B.E.Civil, began his career as a Design Civil Engineer in India’s most reputed Construction Company “Larson” & “Toubro”. Later on because of keen interest in General studies and passion for Civil services, came to this field. Now with experience of preparing for Civil Services for 4 years & appearing three times in Civil Services Exam, he has been training lakhs of UPSC aspirants with India’s Leading online learning platforms. He is an expert in GS subjects with special expertise in Geography, History and Current Affairs. Apart from being a passionate educator, he is also a motivational speaker, a poet and a career counsellor.

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