Toppers Love Disha Books: Disha’s Leadership in UPSC Exam Prep

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Toppers Love Disha Books: Disha’s Leadership in UPSC Exam Prep

Disha Publication has emerged as a market leader in the UPSC Test Prep category with more than 25 Bestsellers in the last 2 years which instantly captured the market. Disha has consistently maintained the quality standards of its books by partnering with authors who are India’s leading Educators, Mentors and Subject Matter Expertssuch as Mrunal Patel, Aman Sharma, Neeraj Nachiketa, Deepanshu Singh, Dr Awdhesh Singh, Ashish Malik,Abhishek Srivastava, Ajit Kumar Jha, etc. As a result, now many UPSC Toppers, after studying from Disha books, are genuinely recommending them.

Disha Publication has been synonymous to excellence for UPSC aspirants all around the country. This year’s results are a testimony to the fact that Disha, not only through its expertly curated books, but through various offline programs helps students achieve their dreams.

Let us closely look at the experience of some toppers with Disha books and what they had to say about them.

What Toppers Are Saying About Disha Books

Sunil Phogat, CSE 2022, Rank 77

Sunil Phogat made everyone proud by achieving a feat possible only for a few. He scored AIR-77 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2022. He hails from a small village, Jhinjar, in Haryana. He pursued his Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering. The dream of becoming an officer was partly instilled in him by his father, who was his mentor throughout his journey, and partly through the prejudices he saw in the society. He wished to serve his nation to the best of his ability and thus started his journey.

Sunil gave four attempts in the CSE, finally cracking it in his fourth attempt. He got a whopping score of 812 in his mains exam and 190 in his interview round which ranked him 77 in the results. Sunil in his fourth attempt gave his best shot preparing not only for the Prelims and Mains but also for the interview which is a deciding factor in candidates ranking. After three previous attempts, he was looking for guidance for the CSE interview when he came across Disha’s Free Interview Guidance Program.

In January 2022, Disha had initiated a free of cost UPSC interview guidance program for candidates to guide them in their journey and provide feedback to improve their performance at the final interview. He sat in the Mock Interview which simulated real-like interview environment with experts and ex-bureaucrats from various fields.

While interacting with Sunil, we discovered that Disha’s Mock Interview played a major role in his success. Sunil said, “I appeared in 5 Mock Interviews at various places, but Disha Publication’s panel was nearest to what I faced at the real IAS Interview. Disha panelists were really cordial and their questions and feedback helped me a lot to prepare for my final interview.”

Furthermore, Sunil has also been using Disha’s Topic-wise Previous Year Solved Papers for Civil Services Exam by Mrunal Patel. Sunil specially emphasised the need for solving previous year papers and how it immensely helped him.

If I could give just one advice to ace the Civil Services Exam, I would say solve the PYQs! They give you a solid idea of the exam and train you to attempt it with confidence. Questions might not repeat but the themes and similar topics are often repeated. Practice PYQs from a trusted and errorless resource only like Disha’s Topic-wise Previous Year Solved Papers by Mrunal Patel which I had used during my preparation and hugely benefited froṃ.” – Sunil

Pratiksha Pandey, UPPSC Topper 2022, Rank 2

Another topper in our hall of fame this year is Pratiksha Pandey. Pratiksha Pandey topped UPPSC 2022 exam with second rank. She followed a limited number of books in her preparation for the exam. Disha’s 10,000+ Objective General Studies MCQs was one of the books used by her.

“In my preparation,I kept in mind two things: revising whatever I studied and solving as many questions from a topic as possible. When Ifound Disha’s 10,000+ Objective General Studies book, I knew it was a perfect fit for me as it providedso many questions from each topic. For me, the tedious task of solving MCQs for different topics from different books was made easy with this one stop resource. There were also explanatory notes given with each solution for deep understanding of the topic.”– Pratiksha

Pratiksha recommends Disha’s 10,000+ General Studies book to other aspirants of UPSC & State PSC Exams to make their preparation exhaustive and well-rounded.

Disha is proud to have played a part in the success journeyof aspirants who put in hard work and trust Disha to provide them the right direction. We wish them immense success and prosperity in all their future endeavours.


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