Latest Changes in CBSE Class 10 Syllabus and Paper Pattern for 2020

CBSE has always been upgrading its standards with great changes, to facilitate the better comprehension of the prescribed syllabus.  From enormous content, CBSE has now realized the need for providing more quality education in CBSE syllabus Class 10.  With fewer concepts to master, students will have a better grasp of the subjects.

In the view of helping students, CBSE has come up with good news for the students. The change in the syllabus and pattern has brought great reduction on the enormity of the syllabus. This means, that students no longer have the burden to cover extensive portions. About 20% of the syllabus is reduced in Social Science Class 10, to lessen the pressure for the tender minds of the students. This will be applicable for the year 2019-2020. 

What impact CBSE New Syllabus & Pattern can have on the students?

  • The new syllabus & pattern will thus provide greater competency in helping students to score more
  • Better distribution of marks
  • Lesser pressure and burden, to boost the confidence
  • Deeper understanding of concepts 

What are the changes in the CBSE Pattern 2020?

  • With improvement from the past years in the pattern, in the 80-mark theory paper, there will be around 20 objective questions having 1 mark each. These objective questions may consist of\ match the column, fill in the blanks, one-word answer type questions, assertion-reason type questions or some picture-based questions.
  • Vocational course exams to be held in February, and the final board exams to conclude by March “in around 15 days
  • Question papers to be designed to check the problem-solving and analytical thinking of students.
  • Results likely to be declared earlier than the schedule followed in current structure/pattern.

Head along now, with better scoring options, and lesser pressure or burden for classes and exams.  This change in CBSE syllabus 2019-2020 will be of immense help to get into the details of the topics without having to rush through the syllabus.

Get your free download CBSE latest syllabus & pattern class 10 2019-2020. 

English Language & Literature

[ddownload id=”29891″]

Hindi B

[ddownload id=”29890″]


[ddownload id=”29889″]


[ddownload id=”29888″]

Social Science

[ddownload id=”29892″]



 Sample Paper Marking Scheme
English – [ddownload id=”29899″] English – [ddownload id=”29905″]
HindiB_SQP – [ddownload id=”29894″] HindiB_MS – [ddownload id=”29900″]
MathematicsBasic_SQP – [ddownload id=”29895″] MathematicsBasic – [ddownload id=”29901″]
MathematicsStandard – [ddownload id=”29895″] MathematicsBasic – [ddownload id=”29902″]
SocialScience – [ddownload id=”29897″] SocialScience – [ddownload id=”29903″]
Science – [ddownload id=”29898″] Science – [ddownload id=”29904″]

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