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Free Summer Vacation Worksheets Class 1 to 8

Disha Publication brings FREE SUMMER VACATION WORKSHEETS to engage and dwell upon young minds of Class 1 – 8. The package is designed in such a fashion that it covers entire syllabus comprehensively. It contains 10 worksheets which carry exercises, fill ups, match the columns, pictorially presented to make subjects like English worksheets, English Vocabulary Worksheets, […]

Basic Geometric Constructions Section

Download Constructions chapter notes, taken from “Foundation Mathematics for IIT-JEE/Olympiad for Class 9”. This PDF includes Geometric Constructions Section related to construct the bisector of an angle, construct the perpendicular bisector of a given line segment, construct an angle of 60° at the initial point of a given ray, construction of an angle of 30°, […]

MCQ’s of Olympiad on Money for Class 3

Prepare Olympiad examination with Disha publication, also students can download free “MCQ’s of Olympiad on Money for Class 3” PDF to test their knowledge, comprehension, evaluation, analytical and application skills. This PDF file contain questions samples with detail solutions and explanations. “Olympiad Champs Logical Reasoning Workbook Class 3 with 5 Mock Online Olympiad Tests”  

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