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Free Summer Vacation Worksheets Class 1 to 8

Disha Publication brings FREE SUMMER VACATION WORKSHEETS to engage and dwell upon young minds of Class 1 – 8. The package is designed in such a fashion that it covers entire syllabus comprehensively. It contains 10 worksheets which carry exercises, fill ups, match the columns, pictorially presented to make subjects like English worksheets, English Vocabulary Worksheets, […]

Basic Geometric Constructions Section

Download Constructions chapter notes, taken from “Foundation Mathematics for IIT-JEE/Olympiad for Class 9”. This PDF includes Geometric Constructions Section related to construct the bisector of an angle, construct the perpendicular bisector of a given line segment, construct an angle of 60° at the initial point of a given ray, construction of an angle of 30°, […]

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