Class 12 CBSE Toppers’ Answer Sheet

With only a month left for board exams, the race to become a topper has already begun for class 12 students. Jittery nerves and agitation have started soaring among students as they must be worrying about their performance. All the students want to perform exceptionally well and also secretly wish to have an insight of the previous year toppers’ sheet to level up the preparation.

To cater to this need, Disha Publication has made it easier for the students to access the Toppers’ Answer Sheet of previous years. These papers will give you an insight into the minds of the examiner, and tell you what and how to answer a particular question. Going through the topper’s answer sheet would certainly help you improve the presentation skills.

We hope that these papers will help you prepare and fine tune your strategies for the exam.

Good Luck!!

You can easily access the Toppers’ Answer Sheets by clicking on the link provided below.

Class 12 CBSE 2018 Toppers’ Answer Sheet (Commerce)

Business Studies

[ddownload id=”29589″]




[ddownload id=”29590″]


English Core

[ddownload id=”29591″]


[ddownload id=”29592″]

Class 12 CBSE 2018 Toppers’ Answer Sheet (PCM)

[ddownload id=”29597″]
[ddownload id=”29598″]
[ddownload id=”29599″]
English Core
[ddownload id=”29600″]

Class 12 CBSE 2018 Toppers’ Answer Sheet (PCB)


[ddownload id=”29602″]


[ddownload id=”29603″]



English Core

[ddownload id=”29604″]


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