Disha’s JEE Advanced Physics Video Solutions by DC Gupta

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Concept series videos for JEE Advanced preparation 2020

Er. D.C. Gupta, a renowned and accomplished author of Disha’s popular Concept Series of 6 Books for JEE Advanced & Mains, brings out a wide list of wonderful Video Solutions for Physics JEE Advanced. The videos aim at highlighting the best Problem-Solving practices that student should adapt to excel in JEE Advanced. These series of videos will be more FRUITFUL & EFFECTIVE if watched along with the Books. It is the best of his presentation on the important concepts, taken from DISHA PUBLICATION’S bestselling Concept Series for JEE Advanced.

He masterfully picks and captures all important Topics from all the chapters you need to know.

Students preparing for JEE Advanced can’t afford to miss the simple outline of all the complex concepts. Each section of the video is fuelled with certitude to give you mastery in the subject, and the flow of concepts is so engaging that you can’t afford to take your eyes off them. Its Explanations of Typical Problems are an excellent exploration in-depth of all that you are hungry to know in Physics. These videos help clear your concepts, answers to how strong your problem-solving skills should be, and how fast to solve problems that JEE Advanced tests.

Check out now for the Authors compelling and seamlessly drive-through collection of videos.  You will love it from the beginning to the end. And to be more practical, “A Book in Hand is a Lesson Well- learned”.

Mechanics Vol 1 for JEE Adv

0. Mathematics Used in Physics
1. Units and Instruments
2. Vectors
3. Motion in a Straight Line
4. Motion in a Plane
5. Laws of motion and Equilibrium
6. Circular Motion
7. Work, Energy, and Power
8. Collision and Centre of Mass

Mechanics Vol 2 for JEE Adv

1. Rotational Mechanics
2. Gravitation
3. Properties of Matter
4. Fluid Mechanics

Concept of Heat, Thermodynamics & waves

1. Thermometry, Expansion & Calorimetry
2. Kinetic Theory of Gases
3. Law of Thermodynamics
4. Heat Transfer
5. Simple Harmonic Motion
6. Wave – I
7. Wave –II

Concept of Electrostatics & Current Electricity

0. Mathematics Used in Physics
1. Electrostatics
2. Capacitance & Capacitors
3. DC and DC circuits
4. Thermal and Chemical effects of Current

Concept of Magnetism & Electromagnetic Induction

1. Magnetic Force on Moving Charges & Conductor
2. Magnetic Effect of Curren
3. Permanent Magnet & Magnetic Properties of Substance
4. Electromagnetic Induction
5. AC and EM Waves

Concept of Optics and Morden Physics

1. Reflection of Light
2. Refraction and Dispersion
3. Refraction at Spherical Surface Lenses and Photometry
4. Wave optics
5. Electron, Photon, Atoms, Photoelectric Effect and Xrays
6. Nuclear Physics
7. Electronics

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