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CBSE Class 10 & 12 exam is an important step in academic life. To make it a period of learning and acquiring skills, CBSE has designed a new pattern to foster better scoring ability. Regardless of whether you are smart or average, everyone has the chance to fetch a high score in the new 2020 pattern.

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CBSE Class 10 | Latest Changed Pattern 2020

Here is a quick highlight of CBSE Class 10 latest Patterns.
Internal Assessment:

  • A total of 3 periodic tests will be conducted on each subject. An average of two will be taken for final submission, which is out of 20, 5 marks for each test.
  • Other assessments include, Oral Test, Maps, graphics, Activities, Assignments, Group/Individual assessment, etc carries 5 marks.
  • Portfolio consists of 5 marks. It is the work done by the students, which includes the progress, growth, efforts, and achievement of a student.
  • Subject Enrichment Activities consists of 5 marks. The marks are given by assessing the practical, project works, and language skills of the students.

Exam Pattern Class 10:

  • There will be two-level of Math’s exam: Basic Mathematics and Standard Mathematics Both have to chosen by students
  • The number of MCQs will be more
  • The internal choices in the question paper are to increase by 33%
  • 25% objective type questions in all subjects. 20 marks will be assigned to objective type questions out of 80 marks, which includes Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the Blanks, etc

CBSE Class 12 | Latest Changed Pattern 2020

The internal assessment for Class 12 will be assessed as under.

  • 20% marks to be allotted for internal assessment. The mark distributions are based on the periodic test, Multiple assessments, Portfolio and Subject Enrichment Activities. Each of these is evaluated out of 5 marks.

 Following are the Pattern in the exam:

25 % of questions will be of objective types, which includes Blanks, Assertion-Reason, for all subjects
33% will be for internal choices, to help score better marks

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