JEE Main Online 2019 Solved Papers (Morning & Evening Shift)

jee main 2019

JEE Main Exam 2019 -Solved Papers

JEE Main Exam 2019 (Morning shift & Evening shift) for the core subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are hypercompetitive and stiff stairs to climb. Candidates preparing for this exam should gain a deeper understanding of the connections, and get a good grasp of the subjects. To overcome the setbacks and for the purpose of revision, the practice of solved papers is imperative. Disha Publication provides JEE Main solved paper 2019, for both Morning and Evening shift, with 18+solved papers offering Errorless solutions. In our compilation, explore rescheduled papers, 10 mock test and the underlining exam patterns of the syllabus. Find the highlights below, from the latest book 2019 of Disha Publication. The official question paper is divided into forenoon and afternoon slots that make it easier to understand.

JEE Main Exam conducted in April 2019

Question Paper Solutions
Solutions [ddownload id=”29538″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29541″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29542″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29543″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29544″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29545″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29546″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29547″]

JEE Main Exam conducted in January 2019

Question Paper Solutions
Solutions [ddownload id="29548"]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29549″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29550″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29551″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29552″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29553″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29554″]
Solutions [ddownload id=”29555″]

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